Thursday, March 8, 2012

8 dishes altogether and it was so yummy!

I was invited to Sam's house for dinner last weekend, together with other friends. Sam wanted to thank us for the birthday gift we bought for him. Well, of cause, an expensive one and he loved it! I've heard a lot about his mum, she is really a good cook and I am really thrilled when he invited us over because finally I have the chance to taste the food cooked by his mum.

When we arrived there at 7pm, there were already 7 dishes on the dining table and guess what? His mum was still in the kitchen cooking the last dish, soy sauce chicken! Oh, one of my favorite! Immediately I decided to go into the kitchen to see what can I help (wanted to learn how to cook as well).

When I saw his mum adding monosodium glutamate a.k.a MSG, I was a bit shocked. Sam's mum told me it is actually safe to use and by adding a little bit of it, brings out the flavor of the dish. She told me to try the before and after adding MSG and yes, it really brings out the flavor. A LOT!!

There were altogether 8 dishes and we all enjoyed the meal very much. It was really a yummy and satisfying meal. His mum is really a good cook, much better than a lot of restaurants out there!

Before we left Sam's house, I even asked for the recipes from his mum. Well, hopefully by following the recipes, I am able to cook to replicate these dishes.

So yummy!!

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